Breast augmentation – Facts You Should Know

Breast enlargement is the process whereby the normal female breasts are altered to give them a new look. Breast augmentation is normally performed on to repair a chest wound in effect to remove a cancer-affected breast or sometimes also to correct the congenital defects of a breast. Not only will augmentation change the breast size and shape but it will also result in the change of the breast texture making them look aesthetic. Mostly this is done using silicone gel implants and saline implants, but sometimes fat transfer is also used which satisfies women who wish to restore a new attractive figure.

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The procedure is performed after examination from your surgeon. Factors such as the anatomy of the woman doing the augmentation will be considered before the procedure begins. The breast will be cut making an incision; the breast tissue will be lifted and a pocket placed where either silicone gel or saline the implants will be placed. Augmentation can also be done using the antilogous fat transfer.

In this process, your surgeon will remove your fat around the breast. Then another area of your body, which yields a lot of fat, will be cut, a process called liposuction and then injected into your breasts. This procedure is under experiment and therefore rarely used performed. The process of breast implant is usually done below the pectoral muscles, which will interfere less with someone breastfeeding and mammograms.

Advantages of augmentation

  • This process will result in the reconstruction of someone breasts giving them a better size and shape they desire.
  • Can be done to remove cancerous breasts, which might cause other complications to the person.
  • Done making women look good in clothes and swimwear.

Disadvantages of augmentation


Doing will require someone to have a lot of cash because it’s very costly in reconstructing and the afterwards monitoring.


Sometimes the implanted breasts have been known to rupture resulting in the death of the victims.

Replacement of implants

Implants wjmkb3e5dct62ye7u2ill never last forever. They are required to be replaced after sometimes, as the surgeon will advise it. This will require a lot more money again and might result in some health complications.

Surgical risks

The process of cutting an incision and removing some fat layer from the breast in some cases has been known to result in risks.

Repeating the surgery

During breast augmentation, unsatisfactory results that may require additional surgery and this might result in excessive bleeding, hematoma and even adverse reaction to anesthesia used.