How To Choose A Breast Reduction Surgeon

For any woman who is struggling with large breasts, they may be in need of a breast reduction procedure. This could be to improve their self-image and esteem to make their bodies more proportional and symmetrical or to alleviate pains that they may be having on their necks, shoulder and back. Such a surgery can help improve the patient’s health-related concerns and cosmetic concerns. ¬†It is important that one looks for the best breast reduction surgeon in order to receive quality service. Below is how to choose.

Choosing A Breast Reduction Surgeon

Talk to people

A reliable way of getting information is by speaking to people who can give you recommendations zjshjsjsjsjsjjof breast reduction surgeons that you can consider. This can be people who have undergo such a procedure or know of people who have and can give references. Talk to family, friends or other healthcare providers like your family doctor.

Look at qualifications

Checking on the surgeon’s qualifications is important. One should have the proper training and be licensed to practice. They also need to be certified and be a member of a board certified in cosmetic and plastic surgery. This is proof that they operate with a certain standard of code of ethics and conduct. Likewise, they are accountable to this body. The reputation of the doctor matter, hence be sure to check whether any malpractice claim or disciplinary action has ever been filed against them.

Another important factor to consider is the experience of the breast reduction surgeon. Find out how long they have been in practice, ask how often they perform breast reduction procedures. The more experience a surgeon has, the better they are in handling the procedures.

Check on facility and team

The facility and team where the procedure will be taking place is an essential factor for one to check on. You need the assurance that the team is skilled and able to provide quality service. The facility also requires to be well equipped and has high hygienic levels.

Communication is key

There needs to be good communication between the doctor and patient relationship. This is because the surgeon needs to understand what you need done and realistically explain to you the techniques that will work best for you and the outcome to expect.

Ask for testimonials past work done

iiiuuhhdhhhhbbcccbOne needs to be aware of what to expect from the procedure that will be done. Hence asking for testimonials is key. Request to see photos of before and after the procedure. You can also ask for patients referrals for you to talk with them.