Choosing Natural Teeth Whitening Methods

Teeth whitening plays a huge role in the current society. This is the case when you take into account physical appearance.

The current age is blessed with several teeth whitening methods. In fact, there are safe methods that can whiten your teeth and retain them for several years to come. You should note that natural teeth teeth whitening methods 1bleaching is one of the popular methods that are applied by many people to whiten their teeth from the privacy and comfort of their home. There are many reasons people choose this approach. First, you should note that other methods have negative side effects.

Many people commonly use teeth whitening strips. One of the reasons for their use is ease of use. These strips are harmless to the teeth. However, they cause significant irritation to your gums. Gums, which are exposed to the strips for a longer time may become sensitive and very sore. If used with care, they can improve the appearance of teeth.

The other method used is a bleaching pen. This has ingredients that are simple and acts like most of the whitening products currently on the market. Usually, they contain a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and sodium hydroxide, which makes up the basis of the bleaching pens. It is advisable to put it in glycerine base, which is very easy to teeth whitening methods 2follow when it is applied to the teeth. This method has been found to be very effective for yellowish stains that are minor and caused by drinking tea and coffee.

The other method is using whitening gel. Dentists match the color of the teeth and determine the right gel to use. As you continue using gels, you will start changing them as time goes by. The only problem with teeth bleaching gels is that they can cause a reaction with the silver fillings and may cause the enamel around fillings to turn slightly green.

The other method used to whiten teeth is known as laser whitening. In this method, a laser is used to speed up coloring process. This method is advantageous as the results are instant. The only problem with this method is the high cost of treatment.