Concealers And Skin Health

skin2There are so many health concerns nowadays surrounding the foods we eat, the beverages and drinks we consume and now the beauty products that, primarily, women ae using.

Studies have been done and continue to be pursued on whether beauty products can be a threat to our health. It is no coincidence that in the market there are self-christened healthy, natural beauty products. Tis alone is proof that there are concerns. One of those major worries is concealer.

Is concealer bad for your skin? Concealers are important beauty products that help to improve and give balance to skin tone.

First there are things that one needs to know about concealers, applying concealers that is. Concealers should be applied before foundation, for one to get their blemishes and dark spots on their skin evened up, it is imperative that for a smoother, silkier looking skin to apply concealer before foundation.

And the concealer should be one shade lighter than the foundation. One should strike a balance on the shades ensuring that none is too light and not too dark as it can expose you badly and make you look unimpressive. There are three types of concealers which all have various functions. The pink concealer works to neutralize dark circles and spots on the skin, pink works well if the spots are below the eyes, which is usually a problematic area.

The yellow concealer evens out the skin tone generally, it evens up areas of the skin which need equalizing. The yellow works for basic concealing. The green one is useful for concealing red spots on the skin. This concealer is the best for concealing acne but it is not that effective for dark spots.

With those out of the way, the skin concerns about concealer. There are those who are afraid that concealer does not allow the skin to breathe because of its thickness. There are fears that concealer clogs the skin’s pores. When the pores are covered there is always the threat of the skin looking

Pimples, whiteheads and blackheads could emerge. The lower levels of the skin require oxygen and nutrients and this is restricted when concealer occludes the skin’s pores. There are other concerns that concealer causes wrinkles hence causes you to age quickly.

Is concealer bad for your skin? Well, there is no conclusive evidence that it is actually bad for your skin. All it requires is doing make up in moderation.

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