Insight into the Top Chair Massager

Getting the right chair massager can be quite an exercise because you have to find the most reliable machine depending on your needs, taste and even affordability. This is because having the right massager will bring you the necessary relief, comfort and healing that you deserve. The top massage chairs currently on the market are high-performance machines that are efficient, reliable but also with some limitations. The top three on this list include the Human Touch active 2.0, Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity chairs and Panasonic EP- MA73 Real Pro Ultra.

Massage Chair 13
In terms of performance, all these massager have special features that give the user, maximum satisfaction. The Panasonic offers the quadruple stretch technology that is highly effective in offering deep stretches for the legs, pelvis, shoulders and neck. There is also the ultra kneading feature that provides a relaxing and pleasurable sensation to the soles and palms of the hand. The Osaki uses zero gravity technique that relieves pain from the spine and helps in relaxing the back and the neck, improved blood circulation and lung expansion. On the other hand, Human Touch massager has the flexi-guide technology that has a wonderful therapeutic experience providing therapy for the whole body.
These machines offer reliability, flexibility and efficiency, in that, they have features that are useful in the massaging process of rolling, kneading, percussion and compression that are human-like. These can eliminate stiffness, pain and offer total body relief. They are therapeutic in nature and can be likened to expert therapists because they provide that human touch. Flexibility is shown by the many features like automatic Massage Chair 14and manual setting including the five-speed and intensity levels featured by the Osaki. This actually helps in choosing a variety of massage positions and focal points of therapy.
These chairs are designed in such a manner that they are adjustable and easily customized to suit specific requirements. They can be adjusted from high to low positions or reclined or even stretched for better healing effects. The Osaki Chair has an S-track feature that follows the natural shape of the spine and offers maximum comfort. Also featured are automatic programs which offer a wide range of choices as regards the type of massage needed. However, the chair massager has limitations like its incapability of being able to accommodate extra-large individuals with big buttocks or hips or even individuals who are taller than six feet and two inches. They are also very expensive and as such inaccessible to many.