Reasons Women are Opting for Labiaplasty Surgery

For the longest time in the Western world, women have lived with their vaginas unchanged despite the fact that they changed other body parts. However, in the year 1971, the term labiaplasty made its way into the medical literature. It was used to describe the surgical procedure of cutting off “excess” parts of the inner vagina lips. This procedure was carried out strictly as a corrective measure to congenital abnormalities. Over the years, however, this surgery has become a sensation among women who prefer to change the way their vaginas appear. Below are some of the reasons why more and more women are opting to undergo labiaplasty surgery to improve beauty.

Reasons for:

Health Reasons

nbnbnbnbnbnbvvvA labiaplasty surgery is necessary in case a woman’s vaginal lips appear to be apparently abnormal to a point that they cause such a woman distress or harm their health. It could also be necessary if a female got a lot of damage when giving birth recently. There are also instances where a woman could have large labia that could be causing her lots of pain and discomfort.

The surgery could also be necessary if the labia could be contributing towards an individual infection or disease or if they are affected by cancer. It is, however, necessary for one to see a specialist. He/she ought to educate them on the procedure, its benefits and risks to weigh them before agreeing to the surgery.

Cosmetic Reasons

It is common to find women who are distressed or dissatisfied about the way their labia appears even though theyfffffffffsss look just fine in the eyes of a health professional. If a woman is fully convinced that they need this type of surgery, they ought to seek a professional opinion first. The health professional would talk to such women in a bid to educate them more, on the whole, surgery procedure. They usually inform such women on the risks involved with the surgery and the possibility of not getting the expected results. They offer their opinion before a woman commits to the surgery and if they are still interested in it help them choose the best clinic or hospital to have it done.

How is it carried out?

Labiaplasty involves the reshaping or shortening of the vaginal lips which is akin to shortening the hem of dress. The procedure is mostly performed by either a gynecologist or a plastic surgeon. The process involves the cutting away of the unwanted tissue by using a scalpel or laser. The loose edge is then stitched up with stitches that are excellent and dissolvable. The procedure is carried out using a local anesthetic or general anesthetic and lasts for about an hour or two.

Discussed above are the two principal reasons women prefer to undergo labiaplasty surgery to improve beauty in large numbers.