Type Of Trousers Make You Look Slim

fashWhat type of trousers make you look slim?

We all like to dress to impress. Impress that one person you have been interested in for a while, your colleagues or your friends and family.

Even if you are not trying to impress anyone, looking good is a great confidence boost, helping you walk through life feeling lean and mean. So when you want to look good, you might want to look slim.

We have gathered a few pointers to help you to buy the trousers that make you look slim.

First of all, respect the color schemes. We understand you love your light washed-denim jeans, those colorful or even white pants. But we are going to have to say no to those from now on. If you want to look slim, think about colors the way you like men, and coffee. Tall, dark, and with a good body.

So in choosing the right colors, you want to go for the darker shades of trousers. Black, dark blue, darker shades of grey such as anthracene, or any other darker type of trousers. These colors hide a bit of those problem areas you are dealing with.

Straight line away from the lightfash2
If you are looking at different models, try a straight or boot cut. These help hide those thighs and portray a more balanced body. Are your thighs not the issue, and you are more concerned with the lower parts of your body? Than it is ok to go with a darker type of skinny jeans. As long as you don’t go into the light it will all work out.

Keen on wearing light jeans anyway? If you really have to, go with a smooth texture. No raffles, plaits, creases, wash-out or any sort of bells and whistles. Just a plain, and smooth pair of trousers that compliment your body type.

High and not so dry
The last tip we want to leave you with is one of height. Keep those trousers up. They should never start lower than your hipline. The higher the pants are, the better. The longer the pants are the better. So keep it up, and keep it down. The length will create the image of a slim body. Just as we all know how striped shirts can make you look slim or broad, the same goes for trousers. Keep the stripes running down, and the pants going vertical, not horizontal. fash3In conclusion
There are many ways to look slim, you now know what type of trousers make you look slim, and you’ve got the foundation down right. Visit us again for more tips and tricks!

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